Online dating

…goes a lot better with astrology.  Get the birth data and you’ll know instantly if the object of your affection is GIB (great in the boudoir), trifling with you, solvent, and so on.
I’ve also noticed that those who have a cheerful, positive attitude toward the process seem to do a lot better with it, too. 
Those of you who fret online…will fret in realtime.  Check your attitude at the door, my precious neophytes. 
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My father

…had a heart attack last weekend.  At least he had the good sense to listen to Sue and go to Emergency.  Whereupon he had the heart attack.  In Emergency.
After all the tests and futzing around they discovered that there was no damage to his heart.  They fixed the bits that were blocked and he’s already at home. 
You can imagine what a relief this all is.
Dad promises Sue vacations.  Sue assures me they plan to spend the inheritance.  I sure hope so.
Otherwise I’ll have to leave no forwarding address.  You know how weird families get over loot.  Please spare me.  Spend it ALL.
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Ask Yourself This…

…are you an erotic being to serve love?  …or are you erotic to serve your senses? 
You can’t serve two masters. 
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On A Lighter Note…

Muffie, SN, and I were at an Oscar Party at the Uptown Theatre last Sunday night and (lah dee dah!!) our photograph is in the Society Pages of the Calgary Herald today! 
We dressed up fancy schmancy and said we were the witches of eastwick!  If you get the Herald peruse Section C for the jolly, red-faced, champagne sippin’ saucy girls!
Sometimes it’s just fun to make a complete fool of yourself!
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What I Know

If you cry when you’re injured…the tears relieve all the pain in your knee.  SN picked up the fact that all the lymph drainage I am enjoying with Mark-the-Massage-Therapist does not hold a candle to crying your heart out for a solid hour.
I could not believe how amazing my knee felt the next day and the next day and the next.
My eyes felt like two pee-holes in the snow.
But my knee was astoundingly spacious.
That does not mean that I will substitute grief for massage therapy.  No, it does not.
I am struck by how much relief I felt when I actually felt the profound sadness I’ve been dragging around for weeks.
That grief spills over into irritability with all of those in my life.  It means I’m unforgiving and cruel.  It means I take my rage out on them instead of growing up and learning compassion towards others, towards myself.
I ripped a strip off of Theresa.  Anger over money?  That’s just stupid.  It’s just money. 
Love and forgiveness.  Anger and spite.
I never learn.
No.  I do learn.  Just slower than molasses in…oh blather…you fill in the blanks.
If I’m so spiritual, why am I so thoughtless?
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What I’m reading…

…is anything by Dr. David R. Hawkins.  I just finished Truth Vs Falsehood a couple of weeks ago.  I’m still thinking about it. 
He’s written another book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, and I’ve just received it in the mail.  A manual for the mind. 
I wish he’d put them on audio tape so I could send them to my grandmother.  I think she’d enjoy them.  Reading them out loud into a tape recorder would be interesting.  Perhaps sometime down the road…
Just about finished reading Dancer.  It’s a fictionalized version of Rudolph Nureyev’s life.  Breathtaking.  Worth reading. 
The knee: seems to be a little better.  I have the recumbent bike downstairs.  Soon I’ll be walking normally.  Hopefully.
Sears blew up my furnace.  Don’t book anything when Mercury’s retrograde.  Even if it’s the day before it goes retrograde. 
It goes forward on the 25th of March.  Buy your stuff after.  Otherwise it won’t work.
The Fuzzy Husband is back from Palm Springs tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing him.
Planning MCM’s 65th birthday party.  It’ll be at SN’s cuz she has the most room.  I’m actually getting excited about it.  She moved into her new digs a week ago.  The rent is substantially less AND she’s surrounded by other seniors.  She’s still unpacking.  SN and I have to help with the redecorating.  MCM’s plan.  Our execution.
I am getting to know LibraLady all over again.  It’s wonderful.  She’s becoming addicted to the fun card-making stuff we do.  It is addictive.
Gotta run.  Over and out for now.
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….what happened yesterday

…mcm and I went to look at furniture after my 11 am appointment.  I used to be able to get up and at ’em by 7 am.  Not anymore.  If I manage to haul myself out of bed by 9 am I consider that good.  Is it the drugs?  Is it the injury?  Is it old age?  Ha! 
Lovely client.  Says, "What in the world is going on?? I’ve been clobbered by an exploding water heater, the tax people, and my mom trying to figure out where she’s going to winter since last July!"
Welcome to Saturn in a fixed sign.  Oh.  Right.  Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  You one of them?  You have any personal planets in those signs?  Feeling squeezed, clobbered, beat up, mangled, pressed and pooped on?

 Every 30 months Saturn takes a run through a different sign.  It’s focus is strengthening, disciplining, and overcoming obstacles.  Everyone will experience this differently.  But the basic idea is buck up and do the work.   It’s also: don’t give up, chin up, focus, ignore the naysayers (especially that little voice in your head that says fuggedaboudit) and trust the process.


When it’s in Leo it’s about how we experience authority (ours/others), how NOT to be an egomaniac (humility helps), and opening our hearts with discrimination and care.


You want more?  Read ANYTHING Liz Green writes about Saturn.  She’s a smart cookie.  Go to for a copy of Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.


Oh.  The other thing: once Saturn has finished applying to your personal planets the lesson is CONCLUDED.  Right now it’s sitting at about 7 degrees of Leo and moving backwards – it gives you a bit of a breather – but it’ll turn around in April 5th in the wee hours of the morning.  So if you have any fixed planets at 7 degrees or greater – be ready to get back to work!



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