The Great Manitoba Adventure

Trip Chart: Check!
Co-Pilot: Check!
Itinerary: Check!
SN & I have returned from The Great Manitoba Road Trip!
The trip chart was quite accurate if ya know how to read it!  I’m beginning to think that the horoscope speaks in puns!  Or is quite literal.  If you know anything about astrology you might find it fun to erect the chart and play along with the astrologer.
June 30th 2006 at 8:50 am in Calgary.  G’wan…run it.
The first thing you’ll notice is that the first house (the driver) has Mars opposing retrograde Neptune in the seventh house (the co-pilot).  Guess what happened?  I’ll tell ya: the co-pilot (aka "SuperNurse") did not see the step up into the gas station when she went to pay for our fill.
SN has Gemini rising.  That makes her wrists significant.  She spilled onto the ground with most of her weight on her left wrist.  Jammed it up so badly that it made motion in her left hand pretty much impossible. 
Glad I thought to pack the percocet cuz the pain was bad.  So poor SN experienced the last leg of our adventure in a nice narcotic haze.  Neptune can be helpful that way: makes you overlook serious danger but gives you the means to relieve suffering, too.  Rules anything that alters consciousness.
Where do I start with describing our Great Manitoba Adventure???
The bargain hunting was a blast.  We plan our road breaks based upon DOTS and WINNERS locations across the prairies.  We have acknowledged that we are The Poster Girls for WINNERS.  Endorsements should follow based upon how fetchingly we pull together our look exclusively from those two bargain stores.  Silly, but true. 
Note the Moon in Virgo conjunct the second house: not only do we make discriminating purchases but we also travelled with far more luggage jammed with capris and shorts and summer frocks and sandals and swimwear than we could humanly wear in two weeks.  Just in case.  Note that the Moon squared Venus in Gemini applying to the eleventh house.
Lots of surprises with the square – SN’s son AND ex-husband landed on our doorstep at Grand Beach.   Said son was expected.  Ex-husband was not! 
It was fun to load ex’s camera with jolly photos of SN when he went to purchase refreshments. 
Ex stayed for the afternoon.  Son was there for a couple days.  We were there for a week.  Pretty beach.  Lots of sun.
The weather was HOT HOT HOT!
Then off to Prawda to visit my favourite uncle and aunt.  More surprises!  My eighty-nine year old maternal grandmother was there!  Also not expected and an interesting twist to our usual pastoral experience. 
Note the Jupiter in the fourth house.  Rules grandparents.  Trining the chart ruler – the Sun in Cancer in the 11th house.  Lots of people landed at my uncle’s place to say hi. 
SN and I love to cook – so we were doing so for the many family members who were there.  My father and his lovely girlfriend – who is two years younger than me – but that’s another Fun and Interesting Family Fact.  She’s perfect for him.  My baby shitster and two of her three brood – the eldest being away in Toronto.  The shitster is an accomplished photographer and her latest project blew me away.  She has produced the most gorgeous postcards of the folk festival I have ever seen.  I hope she is serious about marketing and selling them.  They’re stunning. 
Who else was there?  Oh yeah!  The WaterBaby – my oldest friend – I’ve known her since I was seven!  Cancer rising (but with Uranus in the first house – never married – and with a cutie patootie bf about eleven years her junior), Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon.  Aptly named, eh?
There’s more to tell but it’s almost midnight and the BuzzyFuzzband has just returned from golfing in the Kananaskis.  Haven’t seen him in almost three weeks so…later, friends!
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I said it before…and I’ll say it again…

An Astrological Proposal: Yes…it’s a re-run!

I said….I was in the shower this morning thinking about websites and ebay (my favourite place to shop for shoes) and shopping for services. 
I’ve been a professional astrologer for over 15 years and have a thriving practise in Calgary.  I wondered if there was a way to bring my work into cyberspace in an immediate way. 
It seems to me that most folks have one or two questions, burning questions, they want an answer to.  What if astrology helped?  What if I simply ran a chart and answered the question? 
It’s a little different from an indepth look at your birthchart.  Do you think that would be of interest to you?  You could use paypal to pay me a modest fee to look at the problem and give you a response. 
Let me know what you think.  $40.  Any question.  Any time.
You can reach me at if you’d like to give it a go…or respond in the "comments" section…but leave me an email address I can reach you at!  If you’re shy…you can simply email it to me at the address and I promise to get back to you lickety split!
I think it’s a great way to solve any problem quickly.  When you don’t have all day to figure out tomorrow (to quote my favourite astrologer, Steven Forrest).
If the question is interesting enough…you might get the next one free!  I would enjoy (with your permission) to post the question and the answer here, if you thought that might be edifying, too.  For the rest of the readers to get a feel for how it might work for them.
Eagerly awaiting your thoughts AND YOUR QUESTIONS!

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AstroQueen is BusyBusy!

Hello Beauties!  I know I haven’t written for a while…but I’ve been busybusy doing lots of mini consultations!  Remember when I said I could answer any question using astrology? 
Well, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and a lot of fun, too!  I’ve been enjoying running a chart for when you ask the question and having the answer be there!  That’s right: the time you send the question (via email) determines outcome.  Go figger. 
I run your birthchart AND the horary chart.  Works good.
Keep the questions coming!
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I’m Back!

…from Mexico! 
One week in the sun with SN.  It was lovely to get away from the brown and go to a warm climate.  I’ve never stayed in an all-inclusive resort.  It’s a mixed blessing – the food was a bit hit and miss – but the people were lovely.
The room was spacious and beautiful and I could walk right to the pool from our little patio. 
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Moon in Aries Today

…are you feeling revved up? 
New Moon in Aries means make plans to initiate something new.  Watch it grow over the next six months.  Aries New Moon will include pioneering of some sort and it will test your courage.  Be decisive.  Be bold!
The Full Moon in Libra on April 12th will help you see where the difficulties may lie in your undertakings.  That’s the time to fine-tune your plan.  Weed out the problem areas.
Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorns will feel motivated to work with new initiatives. 
The Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will feel excited.  Follow thru is important! 
Each sign of the zodiac will respond to this New Moon thrust differently:
Aries: Who am I?  What do I want?  This is a good time to look at your long range goals and objectives more deeply. 
Taurus: What am I not seeing?  Where do I undo myself?  The emphasis here is on what your unconscious value judgements are and how they effect your overall conduct.  Look for shocks to the system.
Gemini: Who are my friends?  Where am I going?  Who’s going there with me?  There are tribal issues here.  It can mean that someone in your peer group will provoke change. 
CancerWhat initiatives to I want to launch at work?  What is my standing in the professional realm?  The idea here is to polish your reputation and to take a stand that we can stand behind.
Leo: What are the philosophical rules that apply to me?  Are there opportunities in other markets, other countries, other governing bodies?  Expand your view and learn new things.  Work with folks who are fundamentally different from you.  Proceed with curiosity and it will work out.
Virgo: What am I going to to with my investments both financial and intimate?  Partnerships are in question here.  Financial issues can be resolved quickly, decisively.
Libra: What am I going to initiate with others? Others will approach you…what are you going to respond to?
Scorpio: What tasks can I start now that will pay out down the road?  What are my day-to-day responsibilities?  How do I honour them?  God is in the details.  Pay attention to how you spend your time.  Don’t waste it.
Sagittarius: How can I play?  Who wants to play with me?  Do ya think I’m sexy?  Lemme show you what I’ve got!  Everybody wants you, baybee.  Enjoy!
Capricorn: How can I focus on family, home and hearth?  What needs tidying up at home?  Clean up the basement.  Throw away everything you’re not using.  Give it away.  Spring cleaning starts here.
Aquarius: What short term courses or classes will help me in the long run?  Take a weekend away.  Listen to a learning cd.  Open your mind.  Explore your neighbourhood.  Try something new. 
Pisces: What do I value?  Changes in employment are a possibility.
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…I’m going there.  But I booked it whilst Mercury was retrograde.
Yes, I like to tempt the fates.
I never learn.
I’m going with SN.  One week.  In the sun. 
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The Momster’s Birthday

Vee har maykink herr a partay.
I know!  You’re thinking, "You’re still in your dressing gown and it’s 9:45 am?!"
Pah.  SN is helping me with festivities.  Got the chammpers.  Got the pinot noir (curse you, Terry, for turning me into a wine snob!) – not that nasty locally grown shtuff.  blechhh. 
Carrot cake is being decorated.  Heh heh heh.  The Inscription: What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death.  (Apologies to Dave Barry.)
Couldn’t resist.  It’s so, so, so reminiscent
Must root around in basement and find the prezzie. 
Then wrap it.  Or put it in something baggie-like and poof some paper jauntily about.
The Momster is with The Furious today.  And his kids.  (That reminds me: must wrap Austin’s prezzie – his birthday is right next to momster’s – and I am sure he’ll like the Curious George toy.)
I am cognizant of the fact that I have a lopsided attitude toward familial obligations…but I do love a party!
That’s normal, isn’t it?
Moon’s in Aquarius today.  Hmmm.  Trining Mars in Gemini.  It’ll be a yakky party. 
(Note to self: wear something that makes the bosoms look fetching.  I’ll explain later.)
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