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Astrology 101

I was spooking around the ‘net using the google search engine. I plugged in the word "astrology" and read a few blog entries. One young lady said that she didn’t read her horoscope in the newspapers anymore because if they said … Continue reading

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More on Pluto

Interesting tidbit from the granddaddy of astrology.  A man I respect very much.  He was interviewed by NPR and had a few things to say.  You can listen to it here:   There is more on the debate … Continue reading

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I’m Having An Identity Crisis! Or “Help! They’ve Demoted My Planet & I Can’t Get Up!”

  Hmmm…As a Scorpio, I’m a little disconcerted by the haste with which the astronomical community has booted my ruling planet into the doghouse.  What do they mean, exactly, by calling it a dwarf planet?   Time will … Continue reading

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I said it before…and I’ll say it again…

An Astrological Proposal: Yes…it’s a re-run! I said….I was in the shower this morning thinking about websites and ebay (my favourite place to shop for shoes) and shopping for services.    I’ve been a professional astrologer for over 15 years and … Continue reading

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Moon in Aries Today

…are you feeling revved up?    New Moon in Aries means make plans to initiate something new.  Watch it grow over the next six months.  Aries New Moon will include pioneering of some sort and it will test your courage.  … Continue reading

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Online dating

…goes a lot better with astrology.  Get the birth data and you’ll know instantly if the object of your affection is GIB (great in the boudoir), trifling with you, solvent, and so on.   I’ve also noticed that those who … Continue reading

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