Astrology 101

I was spooking around the ‘net using the google search engine. I plugged in the word "astrology" and read a few blog entries. One young lady said that she didn’t read her horoscope in the newspapers anymore because if they said anything negative it made her feel like she would plunge "back to square one" from the cheerful state of mind she’d cultivated BEFORE reading the entry.

I don’t blame her. Not one bit.

I’ve been thinking about birth charts for a long time and I don’t think it’s really possible to predict what’s going to happen for EVERY Aries on this particular morning. That’s just crazy! Who writes that stuff, anyway??

You need a birth time and a birth place and that will give you a map of someone’s potential for consciousness. What’s possible. What stuff they might be grappling with. What stuff they’re probably pretty good at. What stuff they’re trying to unfold.

That’s it.

In order to bring it to life you have to TALK with that person and see what THEIR take on the matter is. Anything else is hubris on the part of the astrologer. It’s a TWO-WAY conversation. Not a pontification from On High. Sheesh.

If prediction was so darned easy I would be able to use it predict my next lottery win. Although, that being said…there ARE techniques for working with maximizing wins but they are so byzantine as to be practically unusable.

Perhaps I’m a little jaded: I think there are better uses for an astrological approach to life. For example: learning to get along with those in my life and to articulate where I plug into joy. Where my Shadow lies, where I stick my foot in my mouth, or peeese people off without having a clue about it. Charts help me see where we are stuck and where we soar.

So don’t worry about reading the blurb in your newspaper. It’s a wee bit of hooey and has about as much to do with the practice of astrology as winning at online monopoly has to do with being a tycoon.

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1 Response to Astrology 101

  1. Lucie says:

    Well its about time a professional spoke up about horrorscopes!  Thanks for clearing that up!

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