More on Pluto

Interesting tidbit from the granddaddy of astrology.  A man I respect very much.  He was interviewed by NPR and had a few things to say.  You can listen to it here:
There is more on the debate here:
I’ve watched Pluto transits up close.  They work.  They do signify change from a deep place within one’s psyche.  They also signify the release of repressed impulses.  So I won’t be excising Pluto from a natal chart delineation anytime soon.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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3 Responses to More on Pluto

  1. K says:

    This is actually reassuring but very very frightening… I definately need a reading with you… I will be emailing you very shortly.

  2. maria says:

    that last one was of interest to me because my moon and my pluto are in scorpio:) my sun is in sagittarius. i love astrology. i came to a realization that i\’ve been ignoring the fact that all these planets and stars are around us. how could they not have an affect on us? just because we can\’t see them very well doesn\’t mean that they aren\’t there!
    i have a question for you regarding the chart..i dont understand the second number beside the planet in the chart. for example my chart has the sign for pluto then a number which is where it is in that house and then it has another number..and if you want to get fancier another number…it looks like the numbers that you would see as coordinates on a map. i keep looking at sites and nothing explains this in a way that i understand. can you help me? thanks, maria:)

  3. maria says:

    ok i found a more understandable chart so i can explain this better and hopefully get a clear answer. here\’s an example: pluto is in scorpio sign, 4 degrees 31\’53" Dom. ok, 4 degrees into scorpio right? the rest i\’m lost. i have the link to my chart from yesterday. it has that exact notation at the bottom of the page: thanks, maria

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