Where Did The Summer Go?

Seriously.  A few weeks ago I was lazing by the Birch River in sunny Manitoba and now there are yellow leaves floating to the ground. 
I miss my family in Manitoba.  I’m considering jumping on a flight for Winnipeg in September.  Rash, but true.  That might make my trip to Florida in November a little tricky.  *grin*   (Must save money for shopping for shoes!)  (I did mention my shoe fetish, didn’t I?)
Did I also mention that I found a fabulous pair of silver slingbacks with a kitten heel?  And that I can wear them without my knee screaming bloody blue murder?  Yup.  True.  (*preens*)
I have a houseguest from the UK at the moment.  He was looking for work here but has decided against it.  Astrological charts don’t lie.  Lovely young man has a Cancer Moon.  Which will make the pull to family profound.  Sag Sun will always answer the call for travel but the water moon will caution his movement with a longing for home. 
Speaking of fire suns with water moons: I have an artist friend with the same configuration.  He is a gifted artist with a love of travel…it, too, is tempered by a need to plant flowers in the spring and mooch around in his backyard.  Should be interesting to see what happens when Jupiter begins it’s trip through Sagittarius at the end of November.  All Saggies will feel an urge to expand, grow, spread their wings.   Or gain weight.  Yeah, there is that.
So, my sweet fire signs…be sure to make leaps of growth instead of girth.  *grin*
More on that later.
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2 Responses to Where Did The Summer Go?

  1. Lucie says:

    OMG, you mean there\’s a chance of yet another weight gain in my immediate future?  ACK!  Should i abandon the weight loss regimen now and chalk it up to Jupiter?  I understand the need to spread the wings though.  I\’d like to travel ANYWHERE at the moment.  What is that! Summer and holidays were just here and the urge is upon me again.  I\’m not sure I can wait till November!!

  2. K says:

    This Sag has had itchy feet for a while now and the need for flight is intense.  But this time around it\’s not just travel but a big move… relocation and new environment!  I am craving that  CHANGE in a big way!!  Luckily, I have been loosing weight instead of gaining it, which is a nice change for me since the past 6 years I have done nothing but gain… gain and gain some more!
    I was wonder what your opinion was on this decision by the International Astronomers Union to reclassify Pluto to a dwarf planet?  How will this impact astrology?  Does it mean that we are now to assume that Mars is once again the ruling planet for Scorpio?  I find this absolutely fascinating and I have been watching my Scorpio friends for the past two weeks… it makes so much sense to me what they are going thru… just curious what your take was on it – as a professional astrologer?
    Summer is slowly disappearing here too… but the leaves are still very green… the temperatures are cooling off though… SW Ontario is still in denial!!!

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