The Great Manitoba Adventure

Trip Chart: Check!
Co-Pilot: Check!
Itinerary: Check!
SN & I have returned from The Great Manitoba Road Trip!
The trip chart was quite accurate if ya know how to read it!  I’m beginning to think that the horoscope speaks in puns!  Or is quite literal.  If you know anything about astrology you might find it fun to erect the chart and play along with the astrologer.
June 30th 2006 at 8:50 am in Calgary.  G’wan…run it.
The first thing you’ll notice is that the first house (the driver) has Mars opposing retrograde Neptune in the seventh house (the co-pilot).  Guess what happened?  I’ll tell ya: the co-pilot (aka "SuperNurse") did not see the step up into the gas station when she went to pay for our fill.
SN has Gemini rising.  That makes her wrists significant.  She spilled onto the ground with most of her weight on her left wrist.  Jammed it up so badly that it made motion in her left hand pretty much impossible. 
Glad I thought to pack the percocet cuz the pain was bad.  So poor SN experienced the last leg of our adventure in a nice narcotic haze.  Neptune can be helpful that way: makes you overlook serious danger but gives you the means to relieve suffering, too.  Rules anything that alters consciousness.
Where do I start with describing our Great Manitoba Adventure???
The bargain hunting was a blast.  We plan our road breaks based upon DOTS and WINNERS locations across the prairies.  We have acknowledged that we are The Poster Girls for WINNERS.  Endorsements should follow based upon how fetchingly we pull together our look exclusively from those two bargain stores.  Silly, but true. 
Note the Moon in Virgo conjunct the second house: not only do we make discriminating purchases but we also travelled with far more luggage jammed with capris and shorts and summer frocks and sandals and swimwear than we could humanly wear in two weeks.  Just in case.  Note that the Moon squared Venus in Gemini applying to the eleventh house.
Lots of surprises with the square – SN’s son AND ex-husband landed on our doorstep at Grand Beach.   Said son was expected.  Ex-husband was not! 
It was fun to load ex’s camera with jolly photos of SN when he went to purchase refreshments. 
Ex stayed for the afternoon.  Son was there for a couple days.  We were there for a week.  Pretty beach.  Lots of sun.
The weather was HOT HOT HOT!
Then off to Prawda to visit my favourite uncle and aunt.  More surprises!  My eighty-nine year old maternal grandmother was there!  Also not expected and an interesting twist to our usual pastoral experience. 
Note the Jupiter in the fourth house.  Rules grandparents.  Trining the chart ruler – the Sun in Cancer in the 11th house.  Lots of people landed at my uncle’s place to say hi. 
SN and I love to cook – so we were doing so for the many family members who were there.  My father and his lovely girlfriend – who is two years younger than me – but that’s another Fun and Interesting Family Fact.  She’s perfect for him.  My baby shitster and two of her three brood – the eldest being away in Toronto.  The shitster is an accomplished photographer and her latest project blew me away.  She has produced the most gorgeous postcards of the folk festival I have ever seen.  I hope she is serious about marketing and selling them.  They’re stunning. 
Who else was there?  Oh yeah!  The WaterBaby – my oldest friend – I’ve known her since I was seven!  Cancer rising (but with Uranus in the first house – never married – and with a cutie patootie bf about eleven years her junior), Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon.  Aptly named, eh?
There’s more to tell but it’s almost midnight and the BuzzyFuzzband has just returned from golfing in the Kananaskis.  Haven’t seen him in almost three weeks so…later, friends!
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2 Responses to The Great Manitoba Adventure

  1. Lucie says:

    Gawd!!  I laughed my head off reading your blog this morning.  Yes, it was all you said and so much more.  You DO describe things so very well, my friend.  I DID attempt to drive my car this morning and realized very quickly how much i use my left wrist whilst driving. OUCH!!  I think the tables have turned on who\’s driving whom for awhile yet.  Thanks for the great adventure!

  2. Jenn says:

    What a holiday….aside from the injury it sounds like a crazy ride…but then are not all the Adventures of Astrochik and Supernurse a bit on the wild side.
    Hope you take time to decompress.
    I should get you to do a trip chart for my upcoming adventure to Mazatlan.

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