AstroQueen is BusyBusy!

Hello Beauties!  I know I haven’t written for a while…but I’ve been busybusy doing lots of mini consultations!  Remember when I said I could answer any question using astrology? 
Well, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and a lot of fun, too!  I’ve been enjoying running a chart for when you ask the question and having the answer be there!  That’s right: the time you send the question (via email) determines outcome.  Go figger. 
I run your birthchart AND the horary chart.  Works good.
Keep the questions coming!
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One Response to AstroQueen is BusyBusy!

  1. Moondolphin says:

    Hi there! Great space!!! A good read! lol  I do have a question I\’d like to ask, so if you get time, could you email me at the above addy? Thanks!

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