The Momster’s Birthday

Vee har maykink herr a partay.
I know!  You’re thinking, "You’re still in your dressing gown and it’s 9:45 am?!"
Pah.  SN is helping me with festivities.  Got the chammpers.  Got the pinot noir (curse you, Terry, for turning me into a wine snob!) – not that nasty locally grown shtuff.  blechhh. 
Carrot cake is being decorated.  Heh heh heh.  The Inscription: What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death.  (Apologies to Dave Barry.)
Couldn’t resist.  It’s so, so, so reminiscent
Must root around in basement and find the prezzie. 
Then wrap it.  Or put it in something baggie-like and poof some paper jauntily about.
The Momster is with The Furious today.  And his kids.  (That reminds me: must wrap Austin’s prezzie – his birthday is right next to momster’s – and I am sure he’ll like the Curious George toy.)
I am cognizant of the fact that I have a lopsided attitude toward familial obligations…but I do love a party!
That’s normal, isn’t it?
Moon’s in Aquarius today.  Hmmm.  Trining Mars in Gemini.  It’ll be a yakky party. 
(Note to self: wear something that makes the bosoms look fetching.  I’ll explain later.)
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