On A Lighter Note…

Muffie, SN, and I were at an Oscar Party at the Uptown Theatre last Sunday night and (lah dee dah!!) our photograph is in the Society Pages of the Calgary Herald today! 
We dressed up fancy schmancy and said we were the witches of eastwick!  If you get the Herald peruse Section C for the jolly, red-faced, champagne sippin’ saucy girls!
Sometimes it’s just fun to make a complete fool of yourself!
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One Response to On A Lighter Note…

  1. Lucie says:

    I agree wholeheartedly.  Making a fool of oneself is only seen that way by those too "proper" to have a really grand time, doncha think?  I thought it was great fun as did Muffy.  She had to phone me at 0715 in the farkin\’ morning of her day off to tell me the news.  Ack! What a crazy girl!

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