What I’m reading…

…is anything by Dr. David R. Hawkins.  I just finished Truth Vs Falsehood a couple of weeks ago.  I’m still thinking about it. 
He’s written another book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, and I’ve just received it in the mail.  A manual for the mind. 
I wish he’d put them on audio tape so I could send them to my grandmother.  I think she’d enjoy them.  Reading them out loud into a tape recorder would be interesting.  Perhaps sometime down the road…
Just about finished reading Dancer.  It’s a fictionalized version of Rudolph Nureyev’s life.  Breathtaking.  Worth reading. 
The knee: seems to be a little better.  I have the recumbent bike downstairs.  Soon I’ll be walking normally.  Hopefully.
Sears blew up my furnace.  Don’t book anything when Mercury’s retrograde.  Even if it’s the day before it goes retrograde. 
It goes forward on the 25th of March.  Buy your stuff after.  Otherwise it won’t work.
The Fuzzy Husband is back from Palm Springs tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing him.
Planning MCM’s 65th birthday party.  It’ll be at SN’s cuz she has the most room.  I’m actually getting excited about it.  She moved into her new digs a week ago.  The rent is substantially less AND she’s surrounded by other seniors.  She’s still unpacking.  SN and I have to help with the redecorating.  MCM’s plan.  Our execution.
I am getting to know LibraLady all over again.  It’s wonderful.  She’s becoming addicted to the fun card-making stuff we do.  It is addictive.
Gotta run.  Over and out for now.
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One Response to What I’m reading…

  1. Lucie says:

    So very happy to see your cute bloggy self back here.  I too am looking forward to MCM\’s big partay!  But then, what would a month be without partay planning, eh?  And now that we\’ve made the society pages, we have somewhat of a reputation to live up to, n\’est pas?

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