….what happened yesterday

…mcm and I went to look at furniture after my 11 am appointment.  I used to be able to get up and at ’em by 7 am.  Not anymore.  If I manage to haul myself out of bed by 9 am I consider that good.  Is it the drugs?  Is it the injury?  Is it old age?  Ha! 
Lovely client.  Says, "What in the world is going on?? I’ve been clobbered by an exploding water heater, the tax people, and my mom trying to figure out where she’s going to winter since last July!"
Welcome to Saturn in a fixed sign.  Oh.  Right.  Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  You one of them?  You have any personal planets in those signs?  Feeling squeezed, clobbered, beat up, mangled, pressed and pooped on?

 Every 30 months Saturn takes a run through a different sign.  It’s focus is strengthening, disciplining, and overcoming obstacles.  Everyone will experience this differently.  But the basic idea is buck up and do the work.   It’s also: don’t give up, chin up, focus, ignore the naysayers (especially that little voice in your head that says fuggedaboudit) and trust the process.


When it’s in Leo it’s about how we experience authority (ours/others), how NOT to be an egomaniac (humility helps), and opening our hearts with discrimination and care.


You want more?  Read ANYTHING Liz Green writes about Saturn.  She’s a smart cookie.  Go to www.alibris.com for a copy of Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.


Oh.  The other thing: once Saturn has finished applying to your personal planets the lesson is CONCLUDED.  Right now it’s sitting at about 7 degrees of Leo and moving backwards – it gives you a bit of a breather – but it’ll turn around in April 5th in the wee hours of the morning.  So if you have any fixed planets at 7 degrees or greater – be ready to get back to work!



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3 Responses to ….what happened yesterday

  1. Unknown says:

    Funny you should mention old age…. this morning I said to my daughter as I "urmphed" to get my boots on before driving her to school… "You know you are getting old when you can\’t bend to get your foot apparel on."  I glanced over in her direction to see and hear her reaction when I saw her do the same little pull at her foot to get her boots on, along with a dulpicate grunting noise. mirroring my own inflexible position, but along with this she added a mumble-grumble of "stupid horse-back riding exercises."   Well, I couldn\’t help but chuckle out loud and give her a verbal  ribbing, and of course not feeling at all so bad now added with a smile and comment of  "misery loves company,"  She made a play at giving me a hit, but then decided this would take all too much effort.  So forty or fourteen, or is it fifty or fifteen, we can face the same struggles.  Snorfl  and a grin with eyebrows raised.

  2. B. says:


    ¸ .*´¸.*ღ´¨)
    ¸.*ღ¨) (¸.*´
    (¸.*` ღ*De Gurl*ღ
    Popped in to say: 2006 Movie Titles Quiz is here.Swing by de island and take your guess.
    I Haven\’t been here in a bit.  My sweetheart in South Africa has passed away and it was a big blow and shock to my system.  Hope you\’ve recuperated well from your surgery.
    Keep reaching for the stars.
    A very  Real De Gurl

  3. opal says:

    I stumbled upon your website and am enjoying your travails, thank you!I am an Astrology *student* ( but aren\’t we all) and wanted to leave a comment to say hi and thanks for being so magnificent.*and hey, at least Saturn is now direct again*
    Fogeddaboudit.. Leo\’s my Ascendant AND my natal Saturn position… Plus I am a Scorpio Sun ( Mars Uranus North Node too)
    So yes, I am turning thirty this year, Saturn return…and Saturn is squaring my sun…… and I LOVE Liz Greene\’s perspective.
    Thanks for the reminder! Keep up the great blogging! I can just tell you are a great person. Best of luck and kind wishes to you.

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