…and then

….two weeks later the bandages fall off the holes in my knee and I’m still trying to break the habit of walking without bending my knee because, well, I’m supposed to break a habit I’ve had for six months now. 
(…insert scream of frustration here…)
Never mind trying to do the (idiotically simple & paradoxically impossible) exercises they gave me.
I’m terrified to do some of them because I only have one good tendon in that leg.  They gave me the standard "…here: do these exercises…" blue sheet they give everyone and I’m pretty sure that if I only have ONE out of THREE ligaments working and I do deep knee bends up against a wall I’M GOING TO FALL DOWN.
I’ll look forward to asking my surgeon tomorrow.  I’m sure he’ll remember MY particular leg when he sees a gazillion people a day.  HA.  Surrrrre he will. 
Well, I can’t really complain because it IS better.  It doesn’t hurt like it did before the surgery AND I’m already able to do the same stuff I was doing – like lift the leg in and out of cars – that took me six months to master without the surgery. 
It’s not as swollen either.  It almost looks normal.
BUT I am frustrated by what I hear from other people with kinda similar injuries.  That essentially I’ve got another year of rehab in front of me after I get the knee reconstruction. 
It’s all conjecture because I don’t know what the heck the doctor saw or thinks about my knee.  I’ll know more tomorrow.  Fortunately, SN is going to take me there and LISTEN to what he has to say AND remember what he has to say and then TELL me what he had to say. 
Apparently, I don’t hear ANYTHING when I’m stressed. I LOOK like I comprehend people when they’re speaking to me.  I know where to nod and I DO understand but then I freeze and/or go blank. 
Are you as bored with this as I am?
Gawd.  A health bore.   Gawd.
I look forward to the day when I have something ELSE to talk about.
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2 Responses to …and then

  1. simone says:

    Hello just passing through, nice space:)Take care…Simone

  2. Jenn says:

    You are not a health bore….i realize you will look forward to talking about other things…but you do, my friend….you are a gifted woman that, when in the company of others, is quite eloquent in her speech, her ability to discuss any and many topics, and you are definitely anything but boring…So live on, love on, laugh on …..and definitely limp on!!

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