…Meanwhile: Back At The Ranch House

Boychik’s mom is now engaged to a gorgeous, upstanding rancher who dang near whalloped himself outta here a few weeks ago!  I am delighted for their families!  Boychik is chuff.  She was considering having the man-to-man talk but was pretty pleased to see the mom sporting a big I’ve got a secret grin over the holidays.
SN is back at work.  She helped me (along with The Geekster) organize all of the corporate gifts for the Buzzy Fuzzband last week.  In fact, she took an entire week of holidays to make sure I was able to Do My Wifely Duties.  Ha!  Get yer mind outta the gutter, you snape!
Well, like she says, "…when we’re all living together it will be a lot easier for Fuzzband…"
I like the look of that picture.  Since when does retirement have to look conventional??  One Fuzzband, Two Crazy Wives.  Works for me!
So much for normal.  It’s never worked for me.  Truly.  When I try to be normal it just futzes things up.
This was the most peaceful holiday season I have ever experienced.  Good friends, good food, good times.  And it’s not over!!
Boychik brought a game Christmas day for all of us to play.  It was soooo much fun!  You must find it!  It’s called Mexican Train and it’s a blast!  It’s a dominoes based game and, well, heck, we played it until midnight.  Five of us.  You can play it with kids and adults and it’s fun!
Here’s the link for the rules: http://www.pagat.com/tile/wdom/mextrain.html
Here’s where to buy the game:
We went to see King Kong on Boxing Day and Boychik saunters back from her truck with the game in tow and thrusts it into my hands saying, "Here! You liked it so much I thought you should have your own game."
Why some girl hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with her is beyond me.  Cute, smart and tough.  With the biggest heart, outside of SN, I have ever had the privilege of seeing.  No wonder they are friends.  They have much to teach me.  Curmudgeon that I am.  *grin*
I gave her a sexy calendar for Christmas that she’ll have to put in a discreet place.  You don’t want any nieces and nephews getting their little mitts on this one.  The photographer who took the pictures for the calendar is here:
Well, in exactly one week I will be under the knife for the first of probably two surgeries to restore my knee.  I haven’t run the chart yet.  I need an exact time for the surgery first. 
I’m ready for it.
Later, friends!
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3 Responses to …Meanwhile: Back At The Ranch House

  1. Lucie says:

    Hah, won\’t it be fun when we\’re all under the same roof! We\’re still negotiating that one with the Fuzzband but in about 10 years we might have him warmed up to the idea, lol. I\’m looking forward to New Year\’s too. Games, food, great company, no crazy family to deal with (that would be mine, not yours). I think your surgery will give you much to be thankful for. Hope the chart is supportive and that you\’ll be up and running about again in no time.

  2. Jenn says:

    I have to say that I too had more fun in the company of my friends this Christmas than ever….it has been awesome to play games, share food and spoil the people that I hold dear to my heart…And you Astro Queen, are not a curmudgeon…you are like one of my favorite sweets….a bit of a puzzle on the outside but soft and special on the inside……you are a sweetheart…anyone that spends hours burning cds, sending away for just the right calendar, etc… is not a curmudgeon.I look forward to new years eve……and will pray to my God for a quick and rapid healing for your knee….Love ya AQ.

  3. Unknown says:

    Just short and sweet…Good Luck with your surgery, I hope it succeeds beyond your expectations.

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