What’s New PuzzyCat…

…well, SN took poor Cosmo to the vet last night while I saw my client.  Lovely girl (the client) with a sensitive and elegant soul.  Actually, that applies to SN, too.  Loyal friend, helpful, kind, and warm.
Cosmo loves her.  Despite having a drooly, poofy mouth he leapt into her arms.  I think cats know when someone is a caregiver.  He loves her even though he was in pain.
I finished the consultation at 7 pm and Sn arrived with Cosmo right on time.  He had his liquids giving intravenously (a little dehydrated) and a shot of antibiotics, too. 
He whalloped into the soft cat food so I know he’s going to be okay.  He has dental surgery booked for Monday morning. 
The buzzyfuzzband has to reimburse SN a grand total of $375 just for that little venture.  Goodness knows what the dental surgery is going to cost.  He’s more costly than me!
He’s a good natured furball.  Just like the cat.
I did a little mini-lecture on astrology and the erotic with Personal Best coach & all round expert, LusciousFishieGirl.  She does them every six to eight weeks – they’re called Unleash Your Inner Goddess and I do a little segment on the erotic signatures in the horosocope for her group of ladies.
I know I’ve promised you that I would talk a little about Mars and Venus and libido.  It will have to wait because I’m helping SN put up her tree tonight.
Buzzyfuzzband is at home with a cold.  We’ve loaded him up with chicken broth and essential oils.  All his favourite programs are on the television tonight so he’s in his element: kleenex, kitties, vicks & wine.
Later, friends!
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