Talk About Confounding

Remember the television ads with the Aero chocolate bar where the two girls say, "I don’t get it."
Well, I don’t get it.  Apparently, AlluringArtist is not interested in continuing with our friendship.
It’s been that kind of a year.  And then some.
Have you ever had that experience?  Where you’ve been continuously been surprised by change?  I tell myself to embrace it and release my expectations.  What else can I do?
I’m sad…but not surprised.  Been seeing this coming since SN came into my life.  It seems as though there is a lot of general unhappiness toward me out there I hadn’t foreseen.  Or can explain.
How can I?  If you don’t come forward and tell me what you want..well, how can I respond to you?
There is nothing as inexplicable as another human being.
Did I mention I went to my doctor and I have all the symptoms of oncoming pneumonia?  Yes, indeed. 
I am on antibiotics. 
Being sick for the entire month of November has not done much positive for my state of mind, my friends.  At least SN and boychik and buzzyfuzzband are wonderful. 
Did I mention that SN has the same symptoms?  Yes, ma’am.  She is gently ministering to me with barkin’ pneumonia.  Or walking pneumonia.  She hoots when I call it that.  And then mumbles, "Stupid layperson terms." 
(or is it a plaintive little cough I’m hearing instead…?)
ehe ehe ehe
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