Spelling, anyone? 
Who knows…  All I know is that I have been sick for most of this month and it’s making me stupid.
The chinooks make it worse.  One blew in yesterday and it flattened me.  I left SN in charge of organizing our card game last night.  Buying the food and the presents for BirthdayGirl. 
BirthdayGirl’s bf works at the railway.  He is a shy/extroverted Leo.  Reminds me of all the boys I grew up with.  Tough and tender.  Kinda tough on BirthdayGirl and tender with three pieces of birthday cake.  Very funny: munching on cake and heaping abuse on BirthdayGirl for tucking into his mom’s ice cream cake leftovers.
That ole goose/gander thing, eh?
It was fun to tell him that the score was even cuz he finished BirthdayGirl’s cake.  Hoovering cake and still arguing with me. 
Boys.  Are. 
You finish it.
Laughing out loud! 
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