The Fun Never Stops

I have laryngitis.  If I’ve misspelled it – forgive me – but I have no voice.
No wonder I’ve been dragging my tailfeathers.  First the flu.  Now this.  I feel like Dorothy Parker, "What fresh hell is this?!"
I’ve emailed my clients for today.  I’m going to cancel my massage with Mark.
Maybe I can entreat SuperNurse to bring over a vapourizer and some VICKS.
I’d say "I want my mummy" but she’d get sick, too.
It hurts to swallow and my head is full o mung.
My Solar Return has a Virgo Moon in the first house.  Translation?  "Health Bore"
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2 Responses to The Fun Never Stops

  1. B. says:

    Well now I don\’t have laryngitis but my cough is getting worse and my body feels run down. In one way (as bad as this sounds) I\’m comforted in the fact that I am not the only one suffering for what now seems like forever. The weird thing is that just as you feel you\’re getting better, it attacks worse than before. I hope you truly get better. Drink lots of honey lemon tea to sooth your throat. Or another thing you can drink is just honey mixed with lemon juice – it really does help sooth the throat.Here\’s to your health and mine, and a speedy recovery for us both. Hang in there gal. Keep reaching for the stars.Keeping it RealDe Gurl

  2. Lucie says:

    I\’m feeling so bad for you! Hopefully the humidifier and the vicks and the cough drops and the Cold FX and the Essential Oils and the tea are doing the trick. You looked a lot better tonight so I\’m hoping all my fixin\’s are fixin you. I need you to be well…so much to do…so little time.

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