I’m Cringing

…because the entire bookclub will read my blog and think I’m (insert attribute here) and I’ll get brainfreeze and never write another run-on sentence for the Entire Universe To Read ever again…
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3 Responses to I’m Cringing

  1. Lucie says:

    Or…OR… they could see how truly interesting and innovative your mind really is and have a whole different approach to your genius.

  2. B. says:

    Nah…. don\’t ever think that. Despite whatever grammatical error(s) there may/may not be; the writing, due to its profoundness will always shine through and evoke some sort of reaction from your readers. Keep reaching for the stars.Keeping it RealDe Gurl

  3. Unknown says:

    re: laryngitis… my how bugs travel. My son just had that last week, along with the sore throat and headache. This could have been a major concern for hubby as he had a major singing part in the local play. Thank goodness he did not catch it.As far as the book reading club catching sight of your blog. Well my opinion is that a blog is a space for you to breathe… not the place to worry about structuring everything into a neat compartment. And personally, I love free form creations. You can feel the essence of the person in the writing.In regard to gossip… in my particular case, it is easy to go a whole day without talking about someone… all you have to do is live like a hermit, which is close to what I do once everyone has gone off to their particular place of responsibility, like work, school, etc. Also, I recall as a child how I preferred to hang out with the boys. It seemed that they mostly got down to serious play and if they had something to say it usually was worth while listening to, whereas the girls stood around and went on and on. I also noticed that there was a certain energy and tone of voice that surrounded gossip. It wasn\’t one that I relished, so off I went to play with the boys. Now don\’t get me wrong, I do like to talk with the girls, when they get on with intelligent talk about subjects that matter.

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