…still not right

…man, this flu is lasting forever.   I had a flu shot two weeks ago.  I’d hate to see what I’d be like if I didn’t get one.
Oh, I see the doctor on December 9th to have the surgery appointment scheduled for January.  (Did I tell you that already?!  Can’t remember.  Gettin’ dotty in my old age.)
Next fun thing: (A girl has to have fun things to look forward to!) my birthday tomorrow!  Then we’re off to Earl’s for dinner on Friday with MCM (my cuh-razy mom), Technogeek and his exotic gf, (although he has yet to confirm), Boychik (and maybe BabyCop?) at 6:00 pm.  (Are you folks listening??)
Tomorrow is still up in the air.  SuperNurse took the whole day off so it looks like we’ll (a) go for breakfast, and then (b) meet Mexican Beauty for lunch somewhere and (c) have dinner (SN&Boychik?) and then, (d) have cake and coffee with Fuzzy Husband later.  He has to work late tomorrow so I promised him cake and cards with SN & Boychik.  If Boychik is free, that is.
I got very grumpy last night.  That’s another story.  I blame it on the flu.  I blame it on trying to juggle all my obligations and still no one is happy with me.  That’s really frustrating.  …not to mention I hate that kind of pressure…
I blame THAT on my Aquarian Moon.
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