Astrology, Love & The Erotic

…it is written in the stars…
I’ve always loved the sound of that statement.  In fact, it is written in the planetary configuration of your birth chart who and what will stir you.  Yup.  It is.
I did a little piece for the Unleash Your Inner Goddess workshop this weekend.  Yes, it’s a sexuality workshop for women.  I love talking to the participants about their birth charts and the erotic. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the reason you like bubble baths, five-star restaurants, champagne and fur stoles was because you have Venus in Leo?  It gives you permission to lean into your personal taste.
Venus in the birth chart indicates what you find alluring.  In yourself.  In others.  It’s how you like to be courted.  It’s what you’re interested in.  Attracted to.
What about if you like to sizzle on the telephone?  Like to get cheeky emails from your admirers?  What if tickets to the newest thing are the way to your heart?  Venus in Gemini, kids!
If the beloved has a secret longing and you want to find out about it?  Ask an astrologer.  Can you imagine his or her surprise when you indulge that wish?  Look to where Venus is.  Yes: even in a man’s chart.  That’s what he finds sexy in his partner. 
Where his Mars is (by house and sign) is how he’ll go after it. 
In a woman’s chart it indicates how she wants to be seduced.  It’s how she will go after what she wants, too. 
Mars is like that.  Both genders get to express the yang, masculine, radiant aspects of their sexuality.
Venus is the yin, feminine, magnetic aspect of the erotic drive. 
The Art of Seduction 101
The Sun sign is what they want you to recognize about them.  A quick rundown:
Aries:  Wow! You’re really brave.  I couldn’t do it.
Taurus: Is that cashmire?  Can I touch it?
Gemini: You are quick.  Where did you learn to do that?
Cancer: You are a treasure!  Thanks for the tissue.
Leo: I love that you are so accomplished.  Ordering our meal in French!
Virgo: You’ve really thought about this.  I feel reassured that every possibility has been considered.
Libra: You’re a gifted host (or hostess).  I love how you’ve pulled together something so special on such short notice.
Scorpio: You are scintillating.  Come here.
Sagittarius: You’re so much fun! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages.
Capricorn: You’ve done a lot in such a short time.  I’ve never seen anyone so seasoned.
Aquarius: That’s a radical idea.  So fresh.  Tell me more.
Pisces: I could just sink into those eyes.  You’re a mystery to me.
Fire signs admire flash, dazzle, showmanship so if you point out how clever they are they will be charmed.  Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Earth signs admire accomplishment, beautiful toys, real results so point out what of theirs you admire to win them.  Keep it simple though.  Too much praise makes them gag.  Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Water signs admire depth, mystery, sensuality so those are the qualities they love to be noted for.  They never tire of hearing how wonderful they are so lay it on thick.  Very subjective sign.  Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
Air signs admire intellect, abstraction, ideas so be sure to draw them out about what they think about, well, just about anything.  Conversation is vital – but they like to think about the larger picture – contrary to the water signs – who like to talk about themselves!  Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
If you want to know about how Venus & Mars work…well you’ll have to tune in tomorrow.
If you want to motivate me to continue…well, ya better praise what I’ve said so far!  *grinning*
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3 Responses to Astrology, Love & The Erotic

  1. Theresa says:

    Judith, you wise Scorpion astrologer you! You hit the nail on the head bang on with the signs I\’m most familiar with..that being me…Gemini and of course the ever present sign in my life, for whatever reason, SCORPIO!! I will never understand why so many of the people in my life are Scorpios. There must be something I have to learn about them and until I do, I will keep being drawn to them. Until then, I will love them, hate them, admire them, and be continually puzzled by them. It\’s so nice to read your advice, since I\’m halfway round the world and can\’t just pick up the phone and hear it. Thanks for sharing!! And please write more!! Waiting anxiously….Theresa

  2. Unknown says:

    hiwas checking out updates spaces and came across yours. You have some interesting stuff here, thanks for sharingcheers,Cameo

  3. Jenn says:

    You are truly wise and mysterious….i believe I will read, and listen closely to your advice as you have shown that you are very accurate in your assessments. I look forward, although with nervous trepidation, to your guidance in my search.

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