Hippy ThanksGiving

You’d be proud of me.  I did NOT have anything starchy.  Turkey (six ounces), brussel sprouts, salad. 
I did have a teeny sliver of apple/pumpkin pie.  Not enough to feel guilty about.  Teeny.
Now…about the 2.5 glasses of very expensive pinot…we shall not speak of it.  *grin*
SuperNurse is a gracious hostess and the evening went swimmingly.  Except for losing my mom at the front end of soiree.  BuzzyFusband went to fetch her at the alloted time and, of course, she wasn’t there.
I explained to the folks that I had to scrape her off the bar at Booker’s and that’s why she was late arriving. Not too far off the mark, really.  Having a manic depressive momster is always neveradullmoment.  Tru nuff.
Ah well.  It all went well.  We did nine million dishes at the end of it.  The son-in-law was his usual witty non-eye-contact-ful self.  I can’t figure him out.  I thought being a devout christian meant your heart was full of love and kind thoughts.
Apparently not.
Oh well.  Kids.  Wait til they hit their forties.  Then they’ll figure it all out.  Judge not.  Etc.
It is a long story and I’m too tired to go into it here.
I hope you all had as wonderful an evening as I did.  Love to you all.
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2 Responses to Hippy ThanksGiving

  1. Jenn says:

    Although I was not there for the actual feast I must say that it was both an aromatic and visually stunning display…..you and SN are definitely a good team and can throw a GREAT party. I must also say, from the post indulgent drop by, that you were stunning…….must say, Atkins protege\’, that you are one svelte chiquita……keep it up! Sorry about the children of the corn acting like the blessed……I hope they grow up too……just for SN\’s sake.After all your hard work I hope that you are able to enjoy your day and whether it be a shop or a walk/enjoy the sunshine day in the park, that you bask in the awesome friendship that you and SN share.

  2. Theresa says:

    Nice to know that someone else had as much fun at Thanksgiving as I did!! My pumpkin pie was not nearly as extravagant as yours, no ovens here…but it was good all the same!! You\’re right..devout christians should NOT judge..something they don\’t seem to understand..have experience on that being a mennonite raised girl and all. Just ignore them..they\’ll figure it out. Talk to you soon!!

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