Pie, Pie, Everywhere Pie

My mother came over yesterday to bake two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. 
Except for burning the candied pecan topping to a crisp…they turned out fine. 
Patience is picking all the burnt bits off the top of two pies.
SN’s husband was over later in the evening and snorfed his approval of the pies while standing directly over them.  Peering intently at them he said, "You didn’t bake these, did you?"
Smart boy.  If I baked them they would have been rendered inedible.
SN took me to Costco for the turkey run.  Bought two huge bouquets of flowers.  Then whipped over to Home Sense for two low bowls to put the arrangements in.  That will be my contribution to the table (well, besides standing beside SN all day on Sunday to peel, chop, parse, stuff, drink – oops! – strike that!! – and prepare the whole feast/extravaganza) on Sunday.
We have all of her family and mom, the buzzy fuzzband (mine!) and me to cook for.  Plus boychik.  Eleven people.  Should be fun.  Especially after the first glass of wine.
Boychik’s mom baked an apple pie from the apples from my backyard.  Boychik picked a whack of apples.  I think she raided every yard in a four mile radius.  At least, I think she said so.
List for today:
  • artfully do two floral arrangements
  • source addresses for the bookclub members
  • mail their cds for next month’s selection
  • call cab for massage
  • go thru the cds I have for a tasteful music compilation for Sunday

If I get this all done…it’ll be miraculous.



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One Response to Pie, Pie, Everywhere Pie

  1. Lucie says:

    Sounds like we have our work cut out for us for the weekend. I can\’t wait to have a taste of turkey dinner after our 3 week history of "cold" food. BTW, Boychik is having dinner with her mom but she did leave the apple pie in my BBQ. I won\’t cook it there, although the directions didn\’t say i shouldn\’t. I wonder how Atkins friendly our meal will turn out to be with all these amazing pies at the ready, just waiting to be downed by the starving hordes. So, AstroQueen, really enjoy that massage today as it will be a distant memory by the time the weekend is past, lol.

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