I Did A Colorgenics Test Tonight

They’re very interesting. 
It essentially said, "You’re stuck and you can’t move.  It’s frustrating you.  You’re learning to rely on other people to help you.  This is new to you.  You’re very proud.  Get over it."
Well, it said it more politely than that.  But it was interesting to have something based on colour tell you about your life circumstances.

Weird, isn’t it?  My inability to move is based on having a really messed up knee…but I am getting around thanks to SN.  It feels very different to be so reliant upon someone.  Fortunately, she is cheerful, resourceful, helpful, and is easy to spend time with.  I’m learning so much!  How to be less reclusive.  How to do new things like cross stitch.  How to accept genuine help. 


I am learning to be less like the old me (reclusive, grumpy, odd).  More like her (warm, kind-hearted, generous). 


I am honoured to call her my friend.


Oh!  The test!  Go have a try:



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One Response to I Did A Colorgenics Test Tonight

  1. Lucie says:

    YOur lovely words are a balm to my soul, i must say! How very kind of you! It\’s only cuz you\’re so DAMNED easy to do things for. If you were, as you say, reclusive, grumpy, odd, I daresay that it would be more difficult to spend time with you but you are NONE of those things so where you got that idea from is beyond me. You are a wonderful friend and I am honored to spend time with you. You help me be the best person i can be and not everyone can bring out those traits in others so for that i am truly thankful to you. The knee will get better in time. You are doing remarkably well and I have learned many things from you during this time of your healing. Interesting how we have the ability to inspire others even in our own infirmity. You do it well, my friend!

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