Guess What?!

It snowed this morning. 
Yup.  Really. 
SN finished another skirt.  We have to take in the one we finished last week.  This one fits like a glove.  Very smart looking. 
In two weeks we’ll be taking that one in, too.
Mom’s on the diet, too.  She’s lost five pounds.  She’s very happy.
We gave the birthday gifts to the twins.  They chucked the clothes on the floor and then ran around the house waving the ribbons we tied to the bags. That amused them for a long time. 
They’re so tall!  Today is their third birthday! 
I couldn’t take pictures of them because YogaDiva has it.  She’s singing on Broadway this week. 
Today’s List:
  • I have to finish sorting out the champagne party details.
  • Finish the cds for the book club
  • Mail them
  • Think about the custom calendars
  • Plan the menu for Thanksgiving…keeping in mind my diet
  • Make cute placecards for Thanksgiving
  • Shop for more shoes.  Joke!!


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One Response to Guess What?!

  1. Unknown says:

    No NO, don\’t say SNOW… that means we will be getting it in three days. I\’m not ready!I remember our first littlen\’s first Christmas. She really enjoyed eating the wrapping paper. It was hard to get it out of her little fisty cuffs. I don\’t know about thanksgiving and all these holidays that fall all too often as far as I\’m concerned. I think it\’s a conspiracy as make-work projects for women. Perhaps I wouldn\’t feel that way if I didn\’t have so many projects of my own that I would like to complete inbetween regular duties.

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