What If…

…for one (one!) day we didn’t think about ourselves?
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4 Responses to What If…

  1. Lucie says:

    What motivated THAT line of questioning? It\’s an interesting thought though. I wonder how many of us could actually bring that to fruition!

  2. Unknown says:

    I think those who give birth to lots of children probably don\’t have time to think about themselves on many occasions… but then and again the thought probably occurs that they wished they had a minute to themselves. I hate to admit it, but I recall hiding once in the storage room just to have a moment of silence. Then I finally trained my children to leave me alone unless it was an emergency when I was in the bath… aaah, a moment of Peace. It is much easier now that they are older.How come your 100 things only goes up to 94? It was fun to read… Also, it is nice to know that I am in your thoughts… and positive too… likewise back to you! It would be nice to see you drawing again. I miss the wistfulness of your creations. And what about poetry? You have an untapped talent there. Many believe that they need to be in pain or disturbed in some way to create works of art. Personally, I prefer to create when I am peaceful, though I have also created out of adversity. I am sure that your injury is certainly causing you to be introspective. If I could kiss your knee to make it better, I would. (Perhaps numbing it with ice could give temporary relief.)(September 28) I remember the first baby shower we went to. It was at Aunt Gladices and yes, I do recall even at that young age it all seemed so foreign. However, the bonus was all the goodies that they passed around. From the perspective of a child, it was worth enduring for all of those sweet delicacies. However, nowadays I would definetly prefer wine and cheese and casual conversation with all attending free to mingle without worry of how one should cross ones legs. (Also, as an expecting Mom, I didn\’t care to wear the bountiful bow ribbon bonnet, though I did.)Speaking of newborns and babes, I was just thinking this morning that perhaps I should focus on creating baby images in flowers as I have beautiful pictures of flowers just waiting for a baby to compliment them (or is it the other way around.) I think it would make a wonderful keepsake. I just need to figure out how to get word out to new mothers. (Perhaps I should just visit the Women\’s hospital and offer my services.)By the way, I do give Thank You notes… are they old school, do you think? We did come from one room schools, when people had time for each other and small curtesies.Keep shining darling. You\’re in my thoughts.

  3. Unknown says:

    I found your other six to add up to 100! I plan to be there to toast you on your 100th and expect you better you to stick around for mine :)I can admire cross-stitching, but I think it would be the same as knitting for me… I tried knitting once. The knots got tighter as I got fatter. After ten pounds extra, I gave it up and did floor stretches instead. Honestly I don\’t know how someone can do those teeny tiny little cross-stitches that are about the size of a pin-head… besides being cross-eyed, I think I would go mad. They certainly do however present the most admireable works. I\’ve seen some absolutely beautiful cross-stitch pieces done with the most georgious threads that boarder on sculpture. There was a book on cross-stitching exotic and metallic colored beetles of the rainforest that I found intriguing. I am also drawn to works that look like something found within the walls of a castle on the dressing table royalty…past life memories, I suppose. (More likely I was the court jester.)

  4. Theresa says:

    Don\’t think about ourselves for one day…well come to China! It\’s a whole lot easier to put aside your own troubles when you see some of the ways these people live. Find myself becoming much more humble and thankful for the things I have in life, and less troubled about my personal problems and anxieties. I enjoy reading your blogs as much as I enjoy writing mine! For what it\’s worth, my knee has been giving me troubles as well, although still very minute compared to the level of your pain I\’m sure! Hope to chat with you soon! much luv, Theresa

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