Attention Please!

…my knee hurts today…and yesterday.  A lot.
Okay: complaining concluded.  Now we take you to our regularly scheduled program.
I’ve got the new cute slingback shoes on (gawd, do I sound shallow or what) and they certainly look nice with the skirt SN & I built.  Tonight we’re meeting ElegantMother for dinner at Joey’s in Eau Claire.  Well, before we have dinner with EM we’re meeting ShopaholicCutie for a cocktail. 
ShopaholicCutie is adorable.  She said to me, "I love to shop.  Is there something wrong with that?  It has to be the best, the brightest and the most elegant mechandise.  I measure my happiness by having really beautiful things and surrounding myself with them.  Does that make me bad?"
Before you judge, gentle reader, think carefully.  What if all roads lead to wisdom?  What if consciously observing yourself doing your schtick, whatever that thang may be, is the way to peace? 
Judge not.   Etc.
She has a kind heart and she’s a danged good nurse.  So it ain’t jest about the money, folks.
We’re gonna see The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  I’ll letcha know if it’s any good.
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