The Knee

Yes.  Orthoscopy.  Knee clean-up: sometime in the next three or four weeks.  With the head orthopedic surgeon at the Rockyview and his choice team.  Apparently my knee is so unique he won’t be trusting it to anyone else.  Ha.  He offered to admit me for surgery on Monday.  Great.  With any baby orthopedic surgeon.  If we wait, then he can assemble his team and ensure it’s taken care of.  With him at the helm.
Guess which option I choose.  *grinning*
Of course, the next thing I began to obsess over was, "Is it gonna hurt? How long will it take to recover? Will this interfere with my brimming social calendar?"
All the usual things.
Well, there is a great deal going on in the next two months: I’m organizing a champagne tasting evening with my friends and I’m flying to Vegas for a little r&r with Alan.  That’s just November! 
October would be better scheduling.  Astrologically, it’s a mixed bag.  Depends on the day. 
Later, when I have a confirmed date for the surgery I’ll talk about event charts.  They’re interesting.
Monday evening was lots of fun.  I had the upcoming surgery to celebrate but there was also the monthly card game with the rollicking, snappy, spirited Girl Group.  SuperNurse, Boychik, Chanteuse and moi! 
Yes, we do break into song.  Chanteuse has the lusty pipes.  Flamboyant. blythe and merry.  Show tunes are her spess-ee-all-eh-tee.
Boychik and SuperNurse used to sing in the church choir.  I think we should give serious thought to forming a demented quartet.  Something with a retro-beehive-shimmy-in-a-pencil-skirt kinda way.  Except for Boychik.  Mod cool ala Nick Drake.  Skinny black pants.  White shirt.  Flat black loafers.  Slicked hair. 
…now a name for our group…  hmmmm…
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One Response to The Knee

  1. Lucie says:

    HOw about "The Dangles". Not refering to any particular body parts or anything, lol.

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