oooo Baybee Baybee

Yeah, The BabyBride’s baybee shower was a blast.  (Forgive me…but most baby showers are inexorably dull with patronizing niceties…I cannot bear them…please please please poke my eyes out with a sharp stick)
The reason the shower was fun was thus (all you future mother-in-laws, best-friend-of-the-new-mother, and other well-meaning party-throwing types):
  1. No cutesy baby games
  2. No bullseyeing of the new mother
  3. No fake behaviour

SuperNurse is wise.  Point the attendees at the wine and cheese table and let them fend for themselves.  Don’t freak out the new mother with excessive fawning.  Yuk it up with introductions that begin with:


  • state your name  (not always easy…especially after six or seven cocktails)
  • state your birth sign (especially fun in a room full of devout-yet-inflexible aspiring theologians)
  • name your favourite food (calms the theologically minded down to move to "acceptable topics")
  • tell us what you do for fun (informative, although difficult for engineers….apparently they only work)
  • what do you like to shop for (a laugh riot when the clothing-a-holics square off against the get-me-outta-the-store folks)

Get real or get out.


Sorry.  I don’t mean to be so…shall I say…glib.  I have been to far too many showers where everyone is so polite that nothing authentic happens.  Gawr!!!  I loathe that type of social activity.  I’d rather do shots off the new mother’s tum tum.


This shower was fun.  People simply hung out and yakked and hooted and shot abuse across the coffee table. 


Ya had to be there.



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2 Responses to oooo Baybee Baybee

  1. Unknown says:

    Cool site. Just looking around the blogs and stopped to say hi.

  2. Lucie says:

    So happy you enjoyed Beautiful Baby\’s shower. Wasn\’t she the cutiest?! I\’m just so glad that Astro Queen was there, knee brace and all, to help with all the party prep. A great party happens because of the people who attend that make it fun and you, AQ, make parties fun! You are definitely a "must invite" kinda woman so for all you folks out there looking for a perfect party girl, just give AQ a call and you soiree is guaranteed to be the talk of the town!

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