Trip Charts

I’ve been doing quite a few of them.  Everyone seems to be travelling.  Well, at least a number of my clients.
Trip charts are useful.  For example, my friend, Alluring Artist has tagged along on a business trip with her significant other.  I run a chart for the time the person shuts the front door (if he or she is not actually piloting the airplane – then it’s when they are trundling down the runway in said aircraft) and will not go back in the house. 
Alluring Artist is leaving the house a different time than the significant other.  Hence, two trip charts. 
It was interesting to do the two charts.  Two very different experiences.  The original time Significant Other was leaving was disastrous for his professional objectives.  When I told him so (based upon the time he gave me) he mentioned that he’d actually moved the time back an hour.  I said, "Nudge it back an additional fifteen minutes if you want success."  He said he’d be happy to oblige.
The trip chart will tell you about the purpose of the trip, how much money you have to travel with, who’s paying for it, what the weather will be like, who your travelling companions are, what kinds of experiences you’ll have there and whether or not you’ll go back, and so on.  They can also alleviate disasters to a certain extent.  They are well worth investigating.
As well, you can do a trip chart for any type of trip: vacations, business trips, hospital stays, legal briefings, trysts, everything!  *smiling*
Congratulate me: I’ve lost ten pounds.  Less stress on my poor knee.  My clothes fit better.  It is a good thing.
This weekend I’ve been busy converting the audio cassette tapes of Alan Bennett’s plays.  If you’re curious you can read about the plays here:

I had to figure out how to hook up the cassette player to my computer so that I could convert them from tape to cd.  I’ve got one more side to copy onto the computer and then I can burn the cds.  I love technology!


The reason I’m doing so is for the book club I belong to.


Although they looked a little shocked and bemused when Alan suggested listening to cassette tapes instead of reading a book this time ’round.  I checked on the ‘net and they are in book form but the plays are so good…why miss the chance to hear them performed.  I’m enjoying them immensely.  The British know how to write.


Tomorrow I’m off to the orthpedic surgeon.  Crossing fingers.  There may be surgery in my near future.



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One Response to Trip Charts

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Sweetster, I, too, would like to know how to transfer something I have created on tape to CD, so if you could share this info, I would be very appreciative. A little question…. how is it all these people who have come into your life have such cool names such as Alluring Artist, Super Nurse, Significant Other and so on and I got (thank goodness… not on your blog… an alternative to the above Sweetster? Hmmm… me thinks past life trips over your toes and perhaps more is seeking balance.Please…. can I have a cool name too??? I repent…. and publically apologize for my so slowly evolving Soul. Also, Lots of Love to you and may all of the Good Gods and Benevolent Souls shine and pray out loud for a positive and full recovery upon your surgery. My prayer is certainly there for you and I will hold all the visions of our childhood play that you may once again hold full joy in walking, running and bouncing… (and I will race you to the fence!)

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