I Was In The Boys Locker Room

…and No…I wasn’t on my knees.
For one thing, it would hurt too much.  Heh. 
All the football fans would be jealous: there were real, live football atheletes there.  In various states of undress.  (Too shy to look.  Honest.)  Yup, my (new and improved) physiotherapist is (to quote Massage Guy) The Pat Clayton of the Calgary Stampeders.  Woo Hoo.
Smart, swift, sure.  I was impressed.  So was SN (SuperNurse..for those of you who have not been paying attention).
So he’s gonna call his best friend, the head of the RockyView Hospital Orthopedics, and "…scramble some surgery time.." for lil ole me!  So I’ll be on the slab whilst they scope, ever so carefully, into my knee.  That’s a day surgery with local anesthetic (I hope I don’t have to look cuz if I do I will either barf or faint) to clean up my knee so that I can get a full range of motion before they decide to do the hooky uppy bits to the inside.  The ACL for you technogeeks.
My first question was, "Is it gonna hurt????"
His answer…well, discomfort.  So…I love Percocet.  That’ll take care of that.  Drugs.  Me likes.
So, I’ve been instructed to bend my knee when I walk.  I’m supposed to do some other exercises, too.  Little lifty type things for strengthening the muscles. 
So, went to Massage Guy and he was salivating over my visit with the physio and they’ll probably confer over the knee once I’m outta surgery.  Pat says aggressive physio is what’s next.  Does that mean I have to learn to have an attitude?  Wear a lot of bling?  Wear really baggy pants that look like they’re gonna fall off any second?  Wear my hat backward?  Listen to rap? 
Hope not.
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One Response to I Was In The Boys Locker Room

  1. Jenn says:

    Wow….I am the first to salivate….wow….I even thought for a minute to hurt my knee so I could be where you were today…haha…not really but girlfriend you have been to jock heaven. Pat Clayton is one of the best. You are in great hands. YEAH. Finally some action for Astro Queen.

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