It’s Curtains!

Nope.  NOT THIS DEFINITION: curtains – (slang) The end; death. (Pete McNally: "The old man has a weak heart and it’s curtains.")  Originally quipped by John Gallaudet in the movie Docks of New Orleans in 1948.
More for new life! The baby’s room.  Finished the white gauzy curtains yesterday.  Very pretty! 
Today SN (aka SuperNurse) and I will install them and finish the rest of the room off.  Mount 26 fairy alphabet wall decals.  Her husband will sort through the perfect spacing of said decals.  He’s very clever that way. 
Hopefully, we’ll be done by noonish and then take a well-deserved break.
All I want to do is kick back and see a movie this afternoon.  Something light.  For a change.
The rain stopped.  Thank goodness.  We may have a real fall after all.
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2 Responses to It’s Curtains!

  1. Lucie says:

    The room turned out mahvelously deeah! I was so impressed that we built a whole room around those wonderful decals you so graciously donated to Beautiful Baby\’s room. She doesnt realize quite how lucky she is to have such a generous, adoring other gramma. Thanks for all your help too. It would have been so boring to take on such a task without you.

  2. Jenn says:

    So where does one sign up to have the two decorating/fashion goddesses attend to all their needs, or does one need to give birth. The room sounds mahvelous. What a blessing you are to SN and her children! Hope you find rest in your day today……kick back and enjoy the remaining days of summer, dear….fall starts on Wednesday!

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