Argh! Rain, Rain, Go AWAY

The rain is unceasing.  What to do?
Yesterday, SuperNurse and I finished the duvet cover and fetched it up to the Number One Son and BabyBride.  They were going to demonstrate how they would enjoy it but were vigorously discouraged. 
Number One Son is adroit: he is doubtful about the necessity to paint a baby room in a home he has no interest in buying and (and!) he has a doting grandmother slathering to paint it for him.  He cheerfully suggested it might make her feel deliriously happy to pay for the paint, too.  Couldn’t keep a straight face with that add-on.
So, we have the recherché floral fairy wall decals to match the paint.  SuperNurse has that driven Capricorn Moon.  We’ll have it done post haste.
Should be good: me in a leg brace briskly applying (yellowlilac?) paint and staying upright.
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One Response to Argh! Rain, Rain, Go AWAY

  1. Lucie says:

    Well, at long last, time to write a note re: said painting project! We bought lilac paint and the most beautious alphabet fairy border. I can\’t wait to see the finished product. Incidentally, I did pay for the paint in the hopes that NumberOne Son will feel compelled to pay me once he sees how lovingly beautifulbaby\’s room turns out. Girl with brace has promised to be as helpful as she can but since her attention span is one nanosecond, it will be interesting to see when her attention is diverted to something more interesting than wall paint. Maybe if i wear something fetching…..

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