Yeah.  That.
I have been so lucky.  I’ve got folks all around who are wise and kind and talented.  They bring relief and laughter and insight to bear here.
I realize that, left to my own devices, well…I tend to brood.  It’s interesting to learn to observe my thoughts.  The ones that serve and support…well…they seem to create a ground where I can manage the circumstances I find myself in: circumscribed by a damaged knee.
It sounds so simple and yet there are so many ways in which it does define my day and my life.
SuperNurse brings common sense and sensitivity.  The Husband brings patience and warmth and a bottomless pocketbook and love.  The bottomless pocketbook is not something to scoff at.  I had to turn away work because there is no way I can navigate stairs and books and teaching with the winter coming on without creating scenario heebee jeebies. 
The Cleaning Goddess brings good cheer and a willingness to weird things like transplant all the plants.  Taking rugs to cleaners.  Petting the cats.  Rescuing birds.  Philosophy.  Renaissance woman.  Me likes.
The Massage Guy brings his amazing technical skill and insights.  And some weird thoughts about codependence?!?  Note to self: be sure to ask Massage Guy to define the difference between care, concern and codependence.  I was taken up short by that swift and somewhat startling diagnosis of my friendship with SuperNurse.  Well, we were describing my attempts to stand in high heels and her horror at same.
Boychik and her new sweetheart bring ice cream, dipped, and their love of What Not To Wear.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  *snort*  (Why do I love to tease Boychik about fashion and all things girlie???  It’s irresistable!!)  At least BabyCop likes nail polish.  Heh.  We enjoy ganging up on Boychik about her fashion sense these days.  She’s a jock in all the fine ways jocks are thus.  But the fun part is this: she’s so open-hearted and kind and gosh-darned adorable when she’s smitten. 
If anyone hurts Boychik I will personally ensure the body is never found. 
Scorpios are good for that.
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One Response to Gratitude

  1. Jenn says:

    It is comforting to know my wingman is there to tease and defend. I realize now how fortunate I have been to have met you when i did. Knowing that without the year of awakening that has occured under your (and Supernurses) tutelage I am ready to embark on this new relationship with Babycop. Yup I am smitten. I also know that I may need more "girlie" advice…….and I am definitely deciding what not to wear….haha. It is under the wise counsel of my wise gestalt one that we are making every attempt to make it!!…..mission impossible?……9 days?…..holding my breath.Thanks bella!

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