Oh Baby!

I narrowly avoided diaper duty with the SuperNurse’s Number One Son’s bee-you-tee-full daughter.  Boychik was there – at our first ever baybee-sitting duties – and man, that chicklet is AMAZING with babbies.  Tender, attentive & adoring.  Boychik is a natural with kidlets.  By comparison I am a freak of nature:  I’m certain  I’m gonna accidently squish them or they’ll be abducted by Mongol hoards due to my boundless incompetence.  I did not get the gene most women have.  You know the one: the one that ensures adequate estrogen and the concurrent maternal giftset.  I dazzle myself with my artlessness.  Fancy being as old as the Canadian Sheild and having no diaper training.  Astonishing, isn’t it?
We hemmed their new drapes in the family room.  Six times.  It was not my fault.  Like I said earlier…SuperNurse (aka Crunchy Granola Earth Muffin) was in charge of measuring.  Even with Boychik’s measure twice and cut once admonitions we still goofed.
That lead to swapping stories about who did shop and home economics in school.  What a hoot!  (I admit that I like playing with saws and boards and the smell of sawdust is intoxicating.) 
But shop and sewing fall under the same rules: I defer to the expertise of others.  Tell me what to pin or cut or measure and I’ll cheerfully comply.  I leave the thinking to the experts.  Use me. 
 (Some conditions may apply.)
I’ll bet you were wondering how the dinner for Birthday Boy went.  It was hilarious!  He is so smitten with his cute girlfriend he only took photographs of her.  Or had us take pictures of the two of them.  
Boys are dumb.
I’m the only one who knows how old he really is and I’m not telling.  But my husband is two years younger than him.  *chortle*
SuperNurse and I have sourced a shoe guy who will fix all the cute pointy toed shoes I may wish to purchase or currently own that have treacherous heels.  I have a new pair of shoes in his capable hands as we speak!  He’s converting those nasty kitten heels to a stacked heel.  I’m going to be stylish but safe.  Well, as safe as a minx like me can be in cute shoes.
I’ll be sure to take a photo of them as soon as I get them back. 
Stay tuned!
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2 Responses to Oh Baby!

  1. Unknown says:

    Finally!!!! Hello, hello… is anybody there? I\’m in… YES! Truly, halleluyah!!! With the help of my daughter, I have reached the… what century is this? Never could figure that out… why couldn\’t they make it easy and count like the rest of us. Fun blog.. I like it. Your literary skills are finally reaching the Outer Limits. I told you even your letters were entertaining. Didn\’t know you had a shoe fetish. Makes me giggle. I remember when pointed shoes first came out… must have been in the sixties, yes, I was in grade 3 or 4. This was probably my first encounter with fashion. As we grew up in the woods and I spent most of my time travelling there barefoot, I didn\’t have an incling of what was going on in the world and was perfectly happy at that. But I had one friend, Marlene, who introduced me to what was the latest, and also apparently other things I was missing, like corn-beefed sandwiches. I enjoyed the corn-beefed sandwich, but I didn\’t know what to make of the pointy-toed shoe… thought it looked a little strange. Still do.., rather witchy-toed, but what do I know… I finally caught on a few years later as I always do, which really works in my favor as then I get everything on sale. Doesn\’t quite work as well with popular sayings though, like "GROOVY". (Truly, though, I could never quite wrap my tongue around that one.)Oh you poor girl, with your knee, EGADS, it looks like you have been abused. Mama would have a hard time kissing the boo boo on that to make it go away. YIKES… owwy.Is that prayer on the sign for real, or is it a photoshop make-up. Hard to tell nowadays what is real. You certainly could use the prayers for a speedy recovery. I have certainly added mine. I don\’t think you have missed too much when you skipped changing diapers 101, and I recall being frightfully apprehensive about doing the same while babysitting. Funny though, it\’s not as bad when it is your own… (unless one counts the time you finally understood what the saying… (pardon, the language… viewer discretion advised.)…"…covered from asshole to tea kettle." (I wonder who thought that one up, it is certainly is not in the book of quotations.)I love your wit and look forward to perusing your blog in the future. It\’s a muggy but lovely Indian Summer day here, and I have some woods to walk barefoot through…

  2. Jenn says:

    Boychik just wanted you to know that you are not missing any genes, nor are you low in the estrogen department……..it is all in the experience my friend. If we were to go into the another arena you would kick ass in the estrogen department…….be it fashion, sexuality, etc. Soooo my dear….fret not over the diaper issue…….and by the way, I remember you cuddling with the bambino for a bit and looking quite at ease (in fact lovin it).

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