…the bed, you potty-minded malcontent, the bed!  (Doesn’t anyone do housework around here??) 
That was my work-out.  She said, slyly.  As well, no-one tells you that when one buggers one’s knee as adroitly as I have that one’s energy level can be stupefyingly unpredictable.
Anyway…here I sit in my fetching dressing gown…noshing on a steaming bowl of oatmeal with raisins and coconut and slivered almonds and flax seeds and other things freakishly good for you…feeling as though, well, that was a great bit of exercise.  And, of course, my work here is done.
Somebody mop my moist brow.  
Supernurse suggests that I make lists so that I can get things done.  Rather than gazing listlessly out the window in my office and making little whimpering noises. 
Today’s list:
  1. Phone for physiotherapy.  Yeah, like anything is going to hold the knee together.  Ha.
  2. Investigate Deep Water Running.  Can you imagine me in a bathing suit??  Ghastly thought.
  3. Make a meaningful birthday card for my father and for my dear friend, Geek.  Geek has no admiration for my sense of humour.  He thinks I am unrepentently juvenile. 
  4. Change the invitation to the card party.  Card party is an excuse for wine and running with scissors.
  5. Inform Geek’s Number One Son that we’re taking his dad out for dins on Saturday night and would he like to join us?

Note to self: must also call Geek’s sonorous friend Burly Middle-Classed Guy and his (quite sweet) wife, Dirndl Skirt.


The fun never ends.



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One Response to Stripping

  1. Jenn says:

    My goodness, your days seem to be so full. Glad to hear that you are getting a bit of exercise (the stripping that is, not running with scissors) and eating well (the oatmeal, not the dinner out with the whine). It is probably good that you did not do too much as tonite is the big nite…full of flash and fire!!

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