Polymers Are Our Friends

Ha!  I knew I would tweak your interest with that!
I have a $389 leg brace.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m less expensive than Cosmo-the-Wonder-Cat.  His medical ministrations were worth $5 grand or thereabouts.
Supernurse encouraged The Husband to spend an additional $785 for an MRI for his wife (the humble astrologer) noting that he willingly forked over much more for the furball.
Not that there was any question that I was worth at least as much as Cosmickey.  Right??
I look positively space-aged with my latest fashion accessory.  Do you remember the scene in 2001:The Space Odyssey where the bone was tossed in the air to the sound of the classic Also Sprach Zarathustra??
The midi is here:
You may have to scroll down the page a wee bit…but instead of a filthy old bone imagine a high-tech black leg brace turning, in slow motion, end-over-end and landing in my trembling and grateful hands.
It’s kind of like that.
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