It’s a Girl!

The Bride had her baby at 1:40 am this morning.  But, but, but…muscle testing and sexing the baby with astrology didn’t give the right result!!!
(Okay, back to the drawing board…does this mean that I am Below The Level of Integrity?  Yup, it’s possible.  Does this mean that I was given the wrong conception date?  Maybe.  Does this mean that sexing the fetus with astrology doesn’t work???  More frightening a thought than there is no God! 
Bah!  Astrology works.  But there is definitely something wrong with my calculations somehow…)
I’m utterly confounded.  There is an astrological axiom that the sign the Moon is in determines the gender of the fetus on the day that the baby is conceived.  If the Moon was in Aries on the day the baby was conceived it will be a boy.  The next sign is Taurus (a feminine sign) so the baby would be a girl.  The Moon alternates between masculine and feminine signs every thirty hours.
The Bride swears up and down the conception date was when the Moon was in Aries (therefore, baby should be a boy!) but beautiful Baby is a girl!
Here’s the website of the doctor who identified the technique I was using:
Here’s a link for sorting out what sign the Moon was in each day:
Here is a link for sexing a baby:
I’ve used their website to see if they’d get the same result and they didn’t!  They predicted a girl.  This website will help you plan the gender of the baby using their calculations.  They ask for the mother and the father’s date of birth so I know they’re using astrology to to calculate the baby’s gender.  They’re just not using the formula I was taught.
I’ve emailed them to find out how they do it.  I’m completely confounded!
Well, all the same…after I pay the Bride’s father $100 and surrender my astrological shingle I am sure I will feel so much better.
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One Response to It’s a Girl!

  1. Lucie says:

    Number one son is also quite confounded by results of said testing. He, being the totally skeptical child i\’ve apparently raised this way says, well, how will you know what to believe now! And, "I always knew that muscle testing was a crock of shit" Never good for skeptical boy to have a bad experience with non concrete terms, lol. He can\’t wait to talk to you about it! Now we\’ll have to go shopping AGAIN for pink outfits and the boy stuff will have to wait for number 2 child. The Bride was walking around the room shortly after delivering Beautiful Baby. She was amazing, had a shower, brushed teeth, looking gorgeous after birthing Beautiful Baby. Going to see BB again soon and check again if it isnt a boy now, lol.

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