Astrology and Babies

I’ve been thinking about babies and astrology all morning.  I’ve emailed every astrological expert I can think of.  I’ve tracked down the source material.  According to Dr. Eugen Jonas (look for his website here: there is a time when a woman is naturally more likely to conceive and that is based upon when she was born and the phase of the Moon.
A simple example: if you were born during a full moon you are more likely to conceive during a full moon…if you were born during a new moon you are more likely to conceive during a new moon. 
Any astrology can determine the exact moment you are likely to conceive.  Here’s the rub: if that phase of the moon occurs during your period…well, you’ll get pregnant.  Because the phase of the lunar relationship each month that matches your birthtime is your fertile time.
Okay?  Got it?
So…what I did was run Bride’s chart to look at what relationship the Sun and Moon were in.  They were exactly 33 degrees at 5 minutes apart.
I can run a chart for each month for that Lunar Phase Return for her.  It occurred on the 14th of December 2004.  Guess what sign the moon was in then?  Yes, that’s right…a feminine sign!
Well, all that being said…I’m really looking forward to The Bride’s handsome Husband making fun of my mistake.  *whimper*  *laughing*
Hear that sound?  It’s the sound of my head repeatedly hitting the keyboard.
If you want to check out the website for fertility you can go here:
If you want to know what phase of the moon you were born under…well, feel free to contact me!
I’m still boggled. 
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