Apparently Everyone Knows Only Teenagers & Geeks Blog.

Says who???
I was clobbered this afternoon.  So to speak.  About my blog. 
Strangely enough, I took it seriously enough that I deleted my last blog about muscle testing and determining the gender of babies.  As well as all the lovely comments from folks who liked my blog.
 Swallowed the scolding whole. That’s stupid.  Especially when I so enjoy talking to you.
I’ve been sitting here pondering the whole issue.  I like to talk to you about all the jetsam and flotsam in my head.  I think it’s okay to talk about my husband here.  And all the weird, crazy things that happen. 
The Weather Goddess coloured my hair today.  And My Crazy Mom’s hair, too.  Yes, my mom is crazy.  She always tells everyone that she has the papers to prove it.  She does.  Certifiable.  The Powers That Be say she has Bipolar Affective Disorder.  Really. 
I think she’s just an Aries with a Pisces Moon.
Same diff, really.  We laugh about the motto I’ve ascribed to her.  Yeah, My Crazy Mom (or MCM for short) thinks it’s hilarious.  It’s this:
"Feel sorry for me.  Or I’ll KILL YOU."
MCM takes pride in the waxing and waning of her lunacy.  She’s affected by light.  Every August her mood takes a nosedive.  We’re both crossing our fingers.
But apparently, it isn’t appropriate for me to talk about personal things here.
Bwah ha ha ha ha.
Stay tuned.
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3 Responses to Apparently Everyone Knows Only Teenagers & Geeks Blog.

  1. Lucie says:

    Good on ya! I for one, was thrilled to find a new blog this morning. Thanks for expressing yourself again. What a relief.

  2. Jenn says:

    I too am one that enjoys seeing where you are at; so ignore the ignorants who feel they have the right to judge what you are doing and enjoy who you are and what makes you happy.

  3. Alex says:

    Blogging is not just for teenagers or geeks. It is intentioned to open dialogue and foster community. Millions of people are blogging everyday. I just read a stat that there are over 900,000 blog entries a DAY. The only guidelines I have ever heard about for blogging is that if you wouldn\’t share it in public, don\’t publish it on your blog. Check out Brian Lamb\’s blog Abject Learning, He is trying to help inform the academic community about blogging and how powerful of a tool it can be. So have at her, Judy. – Alex

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