Sew There

Mercury finally (finally!) stations and turns it’s sorry little planetary butt around at 20:10 MDT.  Gawr!
I have, clutched in my sweaty mitts, a cheque for $311 and some odd cents plus gee ess tee: The Lionhearted’s contribution to the wee wedding gift SuperNurse and I are to lovingly craft for her baybee boyo’s recent nuptuals to splendiferous, playful & unfurled Bride.  Me adores Bride. 
Who could not?  Bride is congenial.  Frolicsome.  And can shimmy! 
I am going to risk shoving money at the fine and accommodating staff (indulging the Stargazer by putting bolts and bolts of fabric away whilst recalcitrant retro planet scoots in wrong direction) at fancyschmancy designer store whilst Mercury screetches to halt.  Hopefully, we will not make mistakes with the amounts or the cuts or construction.  It could happen.  That’s the lovely gift of backwards moving planet
Picture this: deep eggplant duvet cover with velvety nap AND shimmery ribbed piping up the two panels of the king-sized bed AND flanged pillowcases with lustrous silk insets of similar tonal quality.  (Flanged pillowcases take FOREVER to make…they are finicky beyond belief to piece together…only the simple-minded would take on such a sacrificial act of wuuuuv for their uncomprehending offspring.)  *grin*
Wish us luck.  Patience.  Fortitude.
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