Ten Years

Yes.  Ten Years.  Today.  The Lucky 13th of August. 
Why I Love That Man:
  • Unusually good natured.
  • Can explain to me why a film does or does not work…I like the way he thinks about directing and editing and acting.
  • He is the first honest-to-goodness grown man I have ever met – besides oompapa – and that’s how rare they are.
  • Mystically inclined in a pragmatic way.
  • He talks to the cats like they’re people.
  • He snorfs his upper lip periodically.  Especially when he’s deep in thought.  It’s really funny.  There is no mustache there.  Hasn’t been there in thirty years.
  • Invariably his trousers look like they’re going to pool at his ankles any minute.  He will yard up on ’em in an abstracted way. 
  • He doesn’t care about clothing.
  • The dryest sense of humour, hands down.
  • Smokes his cigars outside.  Always has.  Always will.  It has nothing (nothing) to do with me.
  • Reads omnivorously.  Mostly nonfiction.  Tells me all the good bits.
  • Will dance for hummous.
  • Says "Hi" to God for me when he goes to the synagogue. 
  • Generous to a fault.  Self-deprecatory.  Sweetheart all the way ’round.

I don’t know how he puts up with me.  But that’s for another blog.



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