Hello world!

I am in the middle of a major kitchen renovation.  No, I do not have a valium dispenser in the house.

Did you know that it is almost impossible to get a seven foot high refrigerator through any door in a 1950s bungalow?  No?  I didn’t know that either.  The delivery guys from Miele told me that the fridge weighed over 700 pounds and if they could get it into the living room the sheer weight of it would make it crash right through the floor into the basement.

I dunno about that.  I have had 47 people in the house (our very first house warming party) and the floor held up just fine, thank you very much.  You could not hear the stereo due to the sheer volume of noise 47 people make after their second martini but the floor held us all up.

So, it is a 1300 square foot house with a 137 square foot kitchen.  Yup.  Teeny.  But, oooh la la, do I ever love the Pedini cabinetry and my leather (!) floors.

If we get the fridge up the stairs there WILL be a party.  Oh yeah.

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Astrology 101

I was spooking around the ‘net using the google search engine. I plugged in the word "astrology" and read a few blog entries. One young lady said that she didn’t read her horoscope in the newspapers anymore because if they said anything negative it made her feel like she would plunge "back to square one" from the cheerful state of mind she’d cultivated BEFORE reading the entry.

I don’t blame her. Not one bit.

I’ve been thinking about birth charts for a long time and I don’t think it’s really possible to predict what’s going to happen for EVERY Aries on this particular morning. That’s just crazy! Who writes that stuff, anyway??

You need a birth time and a birth place and that will give you a map of someone’s potential for consciousness. What’s possible. What stuff they might be grappling with. What stuff they’re probably pretty good at. What stuff they’re trying to unfold.

That’s it.

In order to bring it to life you have to TALK with that person and see what THEIR take on the matter is. Anything else is hubris on the part of the astrologer. It’s a TWO-WAY conversation. Not a pontification from On High. Sheesh.

If prediction was so darned easy I would be able to use it predict my next lottery win. Although, that being said…there ARE techniques for working with maximizing wins but they are so byzantine as to be practically unusable.

Perhaps I’m a little jaded: I think there are better uses for an astrological approach to life. For example: learning to get along with those in my life and to articulate where I plug into joy. Where my Shadow lies, where I stick my foot in my mouth, or peeese people off without having a clue about it. Charts help me see where we are stuck and where we soar.

So don’t worry about reading the blurb in your newspaper. It’s a wee bit of hooey and has about as much to do with the practice of astrology as winning at online monopoly has to do with being a tycoon.

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Where Have I Been?

Thanks for all your well wishes!  (I’m sure you’re wondering where in heck I’ve been…)
I’m here!  Honest!
I did my own solar return this year.  That’s the birthday chart.  The exact degree and minute the Sun returns to where it was when you were born and you take a "snapshot" of the sky each year.  It’s fascinating.  It sets the tone for the year’s themes.
My Scorpio Sun was plunked at the top of the chart in the tenth house.  That means that this is a busy busy busy year professionally.  And I can tell ya, boys and girls, I hit the ground running in November and I’ve had all I can do to keep up with the work.  It’s wonderful! 
So, when I did my solar return chart I had to keep switching back and forth between the client chair and the astrologer chair.  Joke!  Kidding!! 
The solar return chart (along with the progressed chart) are useful to do because they give you a clue as to where your attention will be.  Checking out the progressed planets – particularly if they change sign or house – will explain why you suddenly have an urge to cry all day (progressed Pisces Moon) or clobber someone (progressed Aries Moon).  *grin*
So, that’s why you haven’t seen much of me here.  I’ve been working my guts out.  (Although to look at it….)
I blame Jupiter in Sagittarius.  I have Sagittarius rising (I keep typing "Sagittarious" – which is kinda in keeping with how hilarious that sign can be, I guess.  A little Freudian slit. *grin*) and when Jupiter tra lahs through Sagittarius you feel, shall we say, expansive.  That includes waistlines.  So if you have Saggie rising, take up a sport or try a new hobby or your waistline will expand accordingly. 
My poor little 1991 Mazda Protege is on it’s last legs.  I signed on the dotted line for a new-to-me-car today!  It’s a 2006 Toyota Prius in the most splendiferous champagne shade.  I’m so excited I must say!  Going to pick up my new baby hybrid tomorrow morning. 
After seeing Who Killed The Electric Car in the fall I made my mind up that my next car would, most emphatically, be a hybrid.
Okay, boys and girls…gotta run: SN has a new friend from New York she wants me to meet.  Later!
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To everyone who’s left a comment or two and wondered why I haven’t responded: mea culpa! 
If you need to get in touch with me – please email me at chartworks@hotmail.com and I promise to write back!
It’s been a lovely day – SN’s beautiful daughter gave birth to a gusty gorgeous boy!  He hollered up a storm until they swaddled him in warm blankets!  He’s a beautiful baby and I’m looking forward to getting to know him.
Getting up at 5:00 am was a bit tricky!  We were up late playing cards with da goils!  Couple that with a few kir royales and it makes one a little tipsy!
Everyone is doing fine: baby, mother is resting, father is glowing with pride.
More later.  Hopefully with pictures!
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More on Pluto

Interesting tidbit from the granddaddy of astrology.  A man I respect very much.  He was interviewed by NPR and had a few things to say.  You can listen to it here:
There is more on the debate here:
I’ve watched Pluto transits up close.  They work.  They do signify change from a deep place within one’s psyche.  They also signify the release of repressed impulses.  So I won’t be excising Pluto from a natal chart delineation anytime soon.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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I’m Having An Identity Crisis! Or “Help! They’ve Demoted My Planet & I Can’t Get Up!”

Hmmm…As a Scorpio, I’m a little disconcerted by the haste with which the astronomical community has booted my ruling planet into the doghouse.  What do they mean, exactly, by calling it a dwarf planet? 
Time will tell how this shakes out in the astrological charts.  Astrology is based upon observation and correlation.  When I sit down with someone…the reasons for sitting with me in the first place are always delineated by the planetary movements…so we’ll see if the demotion of Pluto will effect how events play out in a person’s chart.
Based upon what I’ve observed in the last ten years of doing charts: I think they’ve been a bit hasty tossing Pluto in the trash heap.
Time will tell.
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Where Did The Summer Go?

Seriously.  A few weeks ago I was lazing by the Birch River in sunny Manitoba and now there are yellow leaves floating to the ground. 
I miss my family in Manitoba.  I’m considering jumping on a flight for Winnipeg in September.  Rash, but true.  That might make my trip to Florida in November a little tricky.  *grin*   (Must save money for shopping for shoes!)  (I did mention my shoe fetish, didn’t I?)
Did I also mention that I found a fabulous pair of silver slingbacks with a kitten heel?  And that I can wear them without my knee screaming bloody blue murder?  Yup.  True.  (*preens*)
I have a houseguest from the UK at the moment.  He was looking for work here but has decided against it.  Astrological charts don’t lie.  Lovely young man has a Cancer Moon.  Which will make the pull to family profound.  Sag Sun will always answer the call for travel but the water moon will caution his movement with a longing for home. 
Speaking of fire suns with water moons: I have an artist friend with the same configuration.  He is a gifted artist with a love of travel…it, too, is tempered by a need to plant flowers in the spring and mooch around in his backyard.  Should be interesting to see what happens when Jupiter begins it’s trip through Sagittarius at the end of November.  All Saggies will feel an urge to expand, grow, spread their wings.   Or gain weight.  Yeah, there is that.
So, my sweet fire signs…be sure to make leaps of growth instead of girth.  *grin*
More on that later.
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